Terms and Conditions ("Terms")

Last updated: Aug 2nd, 2017
 -Scheduled appointments are based on project length, which includes a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum project length of 8 hrs.
 -Any projects requiring more than 8 hours to complete will be scheduled as separate appointments (not to exceed 8 hrs.) subject to serviceman availability. 
 -Full payment is due upon completion of each scheduled appointment. Appointments extending past 5PM will be billed the “after hours” rate and continued as a separate appointment. 
 -Appointments are scheduled based on our understanding of the customer-provided project description. Upon arrival, your serviceman will fully assess the project scope and should the scope of work vary greatly from the customer’s provided description, the change of scope will be discussed with the customer for approval prior to commencing any work. At minimum, regardless of whether the customer accepts the change of scope of work, there will be a $45.00 service charge for reviewing the project scope with the customer. 
 -Service appointments are booked on our schedule with your specific project in mind. 
 -The appropriate servicemen, materials, and blocked time are set aside for your scope of work. If we are unable to perform the scope of work and the appointment is not completed for any reason (which may include but is not limited to insufficient provided materials, materials that require a special order, or significant change(s) to the scope of work), payment is due for the time completed with a minimum charge of $75 (see “Cancellation Policy” below). 
 -Just Screw It will do its best to remove construction debris. Our servicemen will take everything that fits in a garbage bag and will neatly pile any larger pieces on your property per your direction. Any removal of debris from the premises will be the sole responsibility of the customer. 
 -But, we will be happy to refer you to one of our hauling subcontractors.
 -Just Screw It does not include the purchase or matching of paint/stain color(s). Therefore, the customer must provide paint/stain as required for all applicable projects. 
 -Customer must be home at both the start and completion of the appointment to discuss the project scope with your serviceman, allow access to work area, and to approve work upon completion.

 -Billed per job
 -Materials* + 25% mark-up (service invoice to be reviewed upon completion will show itemized materials purchased, mileage charge and sales tax if applicable.) 
 -Equipment Rental*. Pressure washers, generators, and other provided construction equipment carry rental fees of $75/day or $50/half-day. You will be informed of any applicable rental fee(s) prior to scheduling your service. *Materials/equipment can be provided by the homeowner at their own expense; however, a warranty with Just Screw It will be void (see “Warranties” section) for any owner-supplied materials. 
 -If the customer elects to provide material(s), the customer will be responsible for providing appropriate/accurate materials specific to the job. 
 -If Just Screw It is unable to complete work due to inappropriate materials, customer will be charged the minimum service fee or for any work completed. 
 -Payment can be made by cash (exact amount only), check, or credit card orders 
 -Returned checks will incur a processing fee in addition to the full amount due. 
 -Customer must be present at appointment completion to provide payment and approval of project completion by signing Just Screw It Invoice. 
 -If the Homeowner is not present upon appointment completion, full payment can be charged to a credit card on file (completed credit card authorization is required, see attached form) and project completion will be confirmed by serviceman. 
WARRANTIES From the date of project completion, all new construction workmanship is under warranty for a 12-month period and repairs/modifications to existing workmanship are under warranty for a 30- day period. 
 -Our warranty excludes normal workmanship defects defined as natural imperfections visible only by close inspection at a distance of 36” or less and natural curing cracks of caulk, grout, and concrete. 
 -Warranties are void of any liability for materials or products supplied by the customer or customer’s agents. Manufacturer warranties apply to all supplied materials as applicable. 

 -In order to accommodate our customers with work completed in a timely manner, punctuality is critical. 
 -Our servicemen will arrive at your house within a predetermined time frame. If for any reason we are unable to honor our scheduled appointment, you will be notified as soon as possible, and your appointment will be rescheduled to the next available time. 
 -If you incur a scheduling conflict, appointments may be rescheduled with a minimum notice of 24-hours. 
 -Last-minute cancellations or homeowner-neglected appointments will incur a minimum charge of $50.

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